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Olive Kids, together with Palestinian Film Festival Australia are proud to be bringing you a special screening of the award-winning documentary, GAZA

All proceeds will be going directly to Olive Kids to help fund our various projects assisting Palestinian children in Gaza

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Last year, we raised over $150,000 AUD to complete the construction of the Olive Kids wing at Al Amal Orphanage in Gaza.
This year, we’re we’re focusing on enabling access to sports for disadvantaged children, while also expanding our child sponsorship program and we aim to: 

  • Raise $10,000 to fund our medical mission to Gaza
  • Raise $60,000 to fund prosthetics for Palestinian Children
  • Raise $10,000 to fund high quality crutches for Palestinian children
  • Raise $20,000 to fund sports participation programs, including the purchase of 1000 soccer balls
  • Sponsor 100 additional children, including children with special needs through the Olive Kids Child Sponsorship Program (which provides financial support for basic necessities for more than 290 children in Gaza)
  • $135,677 of $100,000 Raised


About Us

Olive Kids is an Australian registered foundation that seeks to facilitate financial support, education & medical assistance to Palestinian children. Founded in 2007, Olive Kids is run by passionate volunteers from a range of professions.

As a consequence of the occupation, Palestinian children are robbed of their childhood. They suffer emotionally, physically and psychologically - deeply impacting their progress and development.

Under occupation in Palestine or in the refugee camps, the living conditions deny these young kids the very basic rights of security, health care, access to education, freedom of movement and basic infrastructure. Generations of young children are forced to mature at a young age, traumatised by their daily experiences. In effect, these kids live no childhood at all.

Orphan Testimonies


"I’d like to thank you on the support you provide to my siblings and me. I’d like to share that I am in good health and I regularly keep up my studies"



"You’re generosity and contribution helped us through very difficult circumstances during this chaotic war on our people and loved ones."



"I’d like to thank you, my dear sponsor, for looking after me financially and offering me what I need to be able to continue my life and dedication."



"It’s so wonderful to find someone who cares and supports you without even knowing you, because you have a very kind heart."



"In spite of the pain and suffering that we’ve gone through, I would like thank you"



"Yousef is in good health and thanks you for your support. The money you send to him allows him to have a good life and to continue his education."

Yousef’s Mother


"I have been injured in the last war and we have been through difficult circumstances in addition to the freezing cold at this time. I’d like to thank you for what you provide to us, and I hope you continue to do more good."


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