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Due to COVID-19, Olive Kids is urgently raising funds to meet critical needs on the ground in Gaza, to provide food, fuel and personal protective equipment. Please help us help Gaza through this incredibly trying time.


Olive Kids is an Australian Foundation dedicated to support the children of Palestine. Our vision is a future where Palestinian kids can live free, full, and safe childhoods. We work towards this goal by providing financial aid, healthcare, education, and other support to children living in Palestine. All our work is conducted in collaboration with our partner organisations on the ground and is done in a way that ensures we build local capacity and support self-determination

Gaza Emergency Appeal

With COVID-19 numbers quickly rising, coupled with fuel and supply blockages, Gaza is facing yet another crisis, making it almost impossible for both citizens and hospitals to maintain basic operation. Food, fuel and personal protective equipment are desperately needed immediately.

We have liaised with those on the ground in order to ascertain, and prioritize, what is needed most. Olive Kids in partnership with the UHWC, MECA and Al-Amal orphanage are aiming to raise $70,000 to fund the purchase of:

  • 600 hygiene packages
  • 600 food packages
  • 2,000 COVID-19 tests
  • Fuel for hospital generators
We're confident that by coming together for the people of Gaza, we can help them get through this incredibly trying time. Any contribution, big or small, will go a long way.
To understand more about the situation in Gaza, please see the video below.
  • $3,562 of $50,000 Raised


*Progress bar is updated daily

Orphan Testimonies


"I’d like to thank you on the support you provide to my siblings and me. I’d like to share that I am in good health and I regularly keep up my studies"



"You’re generosity and contribution helped us through very difficult circumstances during this chaotic war on our people and loved ones."



"I’d like to thank you, my dear sponsor, for looking after me financially and offering me what I need to be able to continue my life and dedication."



"It’s so wonderful to find someone who cares and supports you without even knowing you, because you have a very kind heart."



"In spite of the pain and suffering that we’ve gone through, I would like thank you"



"Yousef is in good health and thanks you for your support. The money you send to him allows him to have a good life and to continue his education."

Yousef’s Mother


"I have been injured in the last war and we have been through difficult circumstances in addition to the freezing cold at this time. I’d like to thank you for what you provide to us, and I hope you continue to do more good."


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