About Us

Olive Kids is an Australian Foundation dedicated to support the children of Palestine with areas such as financial Aid, education and medical assistance. 

Founded in 2007 by Palestinian Australians who want to make a difference to the lives of Children in Palestine. Olive Kids is run solely by a passionate board of Volunteers from a range of professions and backgrounds working together to implement their skills and knowledge into a valuable cause. 

Palestinian children suffer emotionally, physically and psychologically as a result of the occupation which significantly impacts their development. 

The living conditions in Palestine deny the children the very basic rights of security, healthcare, access to education, freedom of movement and basic infrastructure. These children living under the occupation are forced to mature at a young age with the traumatisation of their daily experiences. In effect, these children live no childhood at all. 

Olive Kids strive to improve the lives of the most vulnerable victims; children of the occupation and its devastating effects.