Please Support the Olive Kids 2020 Campaign

Give a Gift

Sadly, coronavirus has now reached Gaza.
Its 2 million residents are now at risk of catastrophic impact if the virus spreads in Gaza due to weak healthcare infrastructure. With thanks to the generous donors in our previous campaign, we were able to provide masks, sanitisers and emergency packages to families in Gaza.

There is also a crisis on the economic front, with Gaza's already struggling economy affected by downturns in the agriculture sector, and many people unable to work. With our next campaign Give a Gift, we aim to raise funds to deliver much needed items to children and hopefully spread some joy in these challenging times.

The campaign aims to provide:

  • 500 clothing kits ($50 each)
  • 500 school bags ($25 each)
  • 2,000 meals ($5 each)
Please help us to raise $42,500 to fund and deliver these items to children in Palestine as soon as possible.
  • $39,978 of $42,500 Raised


Progress bar updated daily.