Our Kids

At Olive Kids, we facilitate support to Palestinian Children not only in Palestine, but also refugees in neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. The majority of Palestinians (3.7 million) are under the age of 25, and nearly 40% (2.5 million) are under 18, with the median age around 16.

Palestinian Children are under grim conditions:

  • 11 out of 100 children under-five suffer chronic malnutrition including 11% in the West Bank and 10% in Gaza Strip
  • Infant mortality rate in Palestine reached 20 per 1000 live births between 2006 and 2010
  • 6 % out of the average number of children aged 5-14 years are working children paid or unpaid in 2010
  • In the 12 month period before July 2011, 3% of male children of 12-17 years were exposed to physical violence of the occupation forces and settlers and 6% were exposed to psychological violence
  • Children 12-17 years are often exposed to violence inside the household by one individual member of the household, psychological and/or physical violence
  • Detained children constitute about 4.4% of the total detainees in Israeli jails

Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Child Statistics Series (No. 15). Palestinian Children –Issues and Statistics Annual Report, 2012