Olive Kids facilitates a number educational initiatives, involving scholarships, medical education and annual targeted programs. 

Nursing scholarships were established in 2016 due to the shortage of medical professions in Gaza, with 3 students graduating in 2019. The program has been expanded in 2020 with a scholarship fund established in memory of Dato Sir Ernest Emmanuel Clough Thuraisingham, where 7 new scholarships.

Medical skills transfer:
Olive Kids has enabled medical education and skills transfer through regular missions involving reputable Australian surgeons and medical practitioners. In addition to the medical seminars delivered as part of the missions, the conducted procedures always involve an education component through narration and explanation of the work and steps.

Targeted programs: A number of programs have been funded and facilitated by Olive Kids such as:

Girls P/E teacher at Al-Amal: Olive Kids funded the program which includes covering the costs of the P/E teacher salary and also purchase of sports kits for the young girls.

Supplementary education: annual program to help students with learning difficulties in the essential subjects 

Health education, soft-skills webinars conducted remotely on nutrition with Al-Amal Orphanage in Gaza is where the staff and cooks at the orphanage are guided on the most effective nutrition for the children. This includes the regular menu, cooking practices and addressing any nutrition misunderstandings.