Medical Programs

Olive Kids facilitates medical assistance through the following programs. 

  • Medical missions: This involves sending Australian pediatric surgeons to operate in local Palestinian hospitalsto conduct complex surgeries and also to train local surgeans through skills transfer. This takes place during live procedures as well as running seminars during these visits. Olive Kids collaborates with the Union of health work committees to arrange the annual medical missions.z
  • Let’s all join – Empowering abilities: Provide Prothehics to children with amputated limbs and children with birth deformities we are currently in phase 3 of 3 phases of the project.

  • Urgent Medical aid: Provide urgent medical assistance as required during major conflict and crisis, this includes Wars, fluid and recently the global Pandemic.
  • Medical Evacuations: Olive Kids collaborates with the Children First Foundation (Australian NGO) in offering logistical support for the Palestinian children treated as part of their children evacuation program. The program brings Palestinian children to Australia for life changing surgery.