Nutrition Initiative

In 2012, the International Journal of Public Health concluded two causes of malnutrition in Palestine are inadequate intake of nutrients and unhealthy dietary habits. Years of suffocating blockade produced a generation of children with serious issues of malnutrition.

At Olive Kids, we are working to help address the root causes by collaborating with local partners to:

(1) Address the inadequate intake of nutrients by revamping the menu currently present at a local orphanage in Gaza.

Ensuring the provision of nutritionally complete foods is a basic human right. Menus of accredited institutions are “examined” almost annually in nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages, schools and even prisons in Australia. We hope to translate this kind of respect for human life and rights to Palestine.

(2) Address unhealthy eating habits, by initiating a nutrition awareness campaign targeting orphans, family members, administration staff, chefs and others at the orphanage Working under the limitations of the occupation will be challenging.

Our work is to ensure the children are offered the best possible nutrition under the current difficult circumstances to reduce their risks.