Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child for $50 a/month you are assisting the resident or non-resident at Al-Amal. Sponsorships aid the child's future, with 40% of the sponsorship held in a trust account and can only be accessed by them personally when they reach 18 years of age.

Olive Kids is a volunteer only organisation allowing the child sponsorship payments to support the child in full. Sponsorships and donations are also tax-deductible.


  • $600 renewed annually
  • $300 renewed every 6 months
  • $50 monthly

Payment processing fees of 1.4% + 30c are added to each payment.

Payments can be rescheduled by logging into your account.

Sponsorships can be cancelled at any time. 30 days notice is required to assist us with locating another sponsor.



Olive Kids and Al-Amal provide regular reporting on sponsored child. An annual report is shared with the sponsor, providing updates on the orphan circumstances, as well as personal messages from the child (where possible). Any contact with orphans requested by sponsors will be facilitated through Olive Kids.


$50 Monthly

6 Months

$300 Bi-Annual


$600 Per year